Footsteps For The Cure

FOOTSTEPS FOR THE CURE Route Descriptions and Maps


As promised, here is the information for our 60-mile journey.  Below you will find a detailed description for each day, including daily highlights, landmarks and amenities.  You will also find links to View-Only Maps for each day.  It is our plan to mark the route as best we can using chalked footprints and pink tulle pompoms.  But, keep in mind that the weather may have different plans for our route markings.    


Creating the maps was a challenge, and, although they are extremely close, there is a time or two where they veer off course only to put us back on course a few yards down the way (like crossing a street and then re-crossing it).  Also, it was not possible to create GPS-enabled maps that would talk you through the directions.  WHEN IN DOUBT, USE THE WRITTEN DESCRIPTIONS and look for landmarks.  Look at the destination of each section and just continue to go that way.


PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND USE COMMON SENSE WHILE WALKING.  Do not walk while distracted (using your phone).  Pay attention to traffic, sidewalks and curbs.  Always use the crosswalks.  Use caution in the few areas that don’t have sidewalks.  Remember, this is a self-guided tour and you are responsible for your own safety. 


Take some time to look over the information and the maps.  If you have questions, please email them to and you will get a response within 24 hours. 


Looking forward to seeing you out there!!!




ROUTE DIRECTIONS BELOW (click to download): 

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